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PCL, founded in 1973, is a designer, manufacturer and global distributor of permanent POP displays, retail fixtures and signage.  Our 320,000 square-foot Rhode Island house our wood, metal, plastics and signage operations.


Vertical Manufacturing

We provide all design/engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and installation functions in-house, resulting in one-stop shopping for our clients, from concept to store installation.


Design & Engineering

We maintain a balance between materials selection, manufacturing efficiencies, design aesthetics, and most importantly, retail implementation.  Our team knows how to set your product apart in the visual chaos of the retail environment while balancing the constraints of cost, schedule and retailer requirements.



All of the outstanding sourcing, design and production are unimportant unless your promotional displays, fixtures and signage arrive at the right location, on-time, undamaged and ready to install. Combining our 10 Rhode Island docks we can perform under the most extreme conditions, whether we are shipping 1 box or 4,000 fixtures. 



PCL is committed to cost-effective AND greener merchandising solutions.  We choose environmentally friendly designs, materials and production methods for all our displays and engineer them to maximize sheet yields. Our Connecticut facility is 100% solar powered. Shipping routes are streamlined to reduce fuel consumption and maximize cube usage in our trucking with software developed expressly for this purpose.


We provide our clients with the best value in merchandising solutions through our commitment to innovative design and engineering and cost-effective manufacturing

Displays - Fixtures - Signage

PCL has deep, in-house retail expertise and a long history of demonstrated effectiveness.  We are well-positioned to ensure that your fixture and merchandising vision will be rolled out successfully, on time, on budget and on point.


Permanent Displays

Permanent displays are typically manufactured from materials that can provide a long life on the retail floor, usually well beyond a seasonal promotion, ranging from wire to glass to wood.



While fixtures offer many of the same attributes as POP displays, they are designed and manufactured with the expectation that they will be in the retail space for many years and as such, are often considered investments that can be amortized over a longer period of time.  Intended to blend with the rest of the retail landscape, fixtures are designed to fit the layout and enhance the design and feel of the store environment. 



Well-designed and coordinated signage and décor that enhances the consumer shopping experience is a critical element of the overall merchandising program. Given our substantial capacity to print and fabricate using all types of materials, we are incredibly well-positioned to design, print and install all your retail signage and décor, from banners to lit signage with silicone edge graphics.



PCL’s in-house kitting capacity allows for extreme, individualized pick-and-pack options, including: customization of kits by individual store within a chain, shipping on an as-needed basis as retail stores open up, and warehousing excess signage until needed.


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